Support the Irish Army Equestrian Team!

If you needed another reason to love the Irish here it is– the Irish Army still  maintains an Army Equestrian Team!

Unfortunately, as the article below, from Horseand, eludes to, there is a movement to shut them down.  Once again it brings to mind the issue of why a small country like Ireland can maintain an important link to military tradition and the American military can’t seem to.  Sometimess I think we are too good at looking forward in anticipation and not good enought at looking back forinspiration.

Make sure you follow the link and check out the Army equestrian school website.

Click here to link to my article on the U.S. Army Equestrian Team.

Ireland‘s Army Equitation School could be closed down

 Ellie Hughes

21 July, 2009

Dublin’s Army Equitation School, which has trained some of Ireland’s best show jumpers and eventers, could be the victim of cuts in defence budgets.

A report commissioned by the Irish government to identify ways to save money in the public sector has recommended that disbanding the army equitation team and closing its centre would save around €1million.

Read the rest of the article here.


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  1. Thanks for posting about the Irish Army Eq. Team and the article about the US Army Eq. Team. Great reading.

  2. I’ve always been very proud of the “I.A.E.T”.Their riders and their horses are very pollished in all performances i’ve seen so far.I work with horses myself and sometimes visit the bigger shows in England,when our boys enter the ring especially at Hickstead,everybody is impressed.I would have to say that my favourite two horses would be Killbaha and Glendalough.

  3. dear sir ,
    Im Major sameer Chaudhary of the 61st cavalry of india . We are probably the only pure mounted cavalry left in the world today . I ve heard a lot about the irish army equitation school . The great riders it has produced and the amazing horses . im interested in doing a course at the irish army equitation school in show jumping and eventing . Dont know how to go about it . dont know even if it is possible or not .
    would be grateful if you could provide some help .
    yours truly
    Major Sameer Chaudhary

  4. The Irish should be proud of their Equitation school. They have a great proud history and the best horses.

  5. I recently received “Ambassadors on Horseback” – The Irish Army Equitation School, as a gift. I admit to being disappointed when in both the book, and in the brochure on this website, my father, RSM – Walter Smyth, had his name spelled incorrectly in both. I’m hoping somebody can help correct the spelling of his last name from “Smith” to “Smyth”.

    Sean Smyth

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