Cavalry Endurance Riding

An interesting blog post on another site, Boots and Saddles,  that compares excerpts from my book War Horse, on American cavalry marching in the 1880s, with modern day endurance riding.  I think you will find the comparison very interesting.  Check out the rest of the blog as well –some fun reading and great pictures.

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  1. I just found your blog and can’t believe that you are the author of the book I read. You made my day!

    I really enjoyed the book, although there was one statement that “got” to me. Early in the book, one of the factors for a battle loss was horses not being able to see in the dark well. As an endurance rider, I’ve always felt (and indeed 100 milers are based upon the fact) that horses see much better in the dark than humans. In fact, many people will argue that a horse’s night vision is not very different from their day vision.

    I’m reccomending the book to my fellow reenactors. I meant to do a fuller review of the book on my blog, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Thanks Melinda and I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

    On your comment on night vision of horses –you are of course correct. I have had several endurance riders discuss horse night vision ability with me and they made exactly the same point you do. The point I meant to make and what I actually wrote were not the same. If there is ever an oppurtunity to rewrite that part of the book I will go over that point more carefully.

  3. Very interested in the image. Who do I need to ask for permission to use?

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