Our Generals Almost Cost Us Iraq

Our Generals Almost Cost Us Iraq” is an interesting analysis by Mackubin Thomas Owens.  It is based on Woodwards book: The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008 .  Owens’ analysis is provocative and has moved Woodward up on my list books that I have to read.  I’m not sure if Woodward’s research and conclusions is completely to be trusted, or if Owens’ analysis is on the mark.  Anything written or said during the political season has to be considered with a grain of salt.  It does, however, reinforce my belief that the historiography of the W. Bush administration is going to be very significant as it’s written over the course of the up-coming decades.  Owens is a prolific commentator, and though I don’t agree with some of his analysis, he is interesting –its worth looking at  the archive of some of his writings.

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Welcome to Horse Soldier’s Thoughts

This blog is a new adventure for me… adding to my webpage adventure which has been running in various forms for about 10 years now. I intend for this blog to serve a variety of purposes: host random thoughts on a variety of professional and personal areas of interest; provide a new media for connecting to friends old and new; and open a dialog on a variety of subjects with others who are also interested in those areas. Time will tell how successfully this endeavor is….

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